Hello there!

No, WMD hasn't been hacked. The site is moving! But we are pacing ourselves.

6 years have passed since we worked on our site. And it shows.

Some aspects of the site will remain live here. I suppose you could think of this as a "soft launch". Whatever, we're rolling out a new site and (not trying to oversell things) it is chock-full of greatness.

What kind of greatness? Well, there's:

  • A brand new dashboard which lists site stats, invoices, domain names and servers.
  • The ability to power-cycle or shut down your servers
  • Domain registration through us that leverages our buying power and discounts at NameCheap
  • DNS Management for sites with DNS at CloudFlare, DigitalOcean, DNS Made Easy, GoDaddy, NameCheap and Vultr.
  • A new urgent support system
  • CryptoNotes, Message Vault, FileDrop and wmd.to - our secure and private URL redirection system.

We're pretty excited about it and we will soon be sunsetting this URL and redirecting it to the new site URL which is wmd.dev.