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Archive for February 2017

wplift asks: How many plugins is too many? The answer may surprise you!

We could not have written a better clickbait-y headline. There is a common myth that having a lot of plugins on your site can slow it down. wplift looks at this myth and explains why this is not always true. The article is very thorough, covering several concerns about plugins: Plugin impact – does the plugin change one little…

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Custom Plugins vs. your theme's functions.php file

It is standard practice for us to create custom plugins for our clients’ WordPress sites. We go the custom route (rather than plopping them into the functions.php file) for 3 reasons: Portability – you can change themes and not lose the custom functionality – plus you can switch to a default theme to debug problems and not break everything…

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BIG WordPress Vulnerability Patched in 4.7.2

The release of WordPress 4.7.2 fixed 3 issues which were made known a fourth critical issue with the WordPress REST API which could result in an unauthorized privilege escalation (in normal-people terms: “somebody could post to your site who did not have permission to do so”). The guys at WP Tavern have an in-depth article on the vulnerability. As…

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Chat arrives in Kerio Connect!

A long-requested feature has arrived in Kerio – integrated instant messaging within the webmail interface! Kerio Connect has long had an instant messaging feature which can be accessed using third party software such as Apple’s Messages, Adium, Pidgin and Trillian but chat has never been part of the webmail interface until now. And it’s seamless:   We were…

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