About Us

Wave Motion Digital (formerly Sononaco) is a web application development, design, hosting and strategy company serving individuals, small and medium sized business, non-profits and associations.
Founded in 2006, Wave Motion Digital was created to provide clients with a single resource for their web needs. As a small, lean team we are positioned to deliver superior results at a competitive price without compromising customer service and without the bureaucracy and layers of complexity of a large agency. This allows us to work together on a personal level to provide you with quality, cost-effective internet solutions.

Keith Hall

owner, developer, sys admin, pug feeder (Winston-Salem, NC) Greases the wheels, answers the phone, pays the bills and rarely updates the company web site. Ext. 700


Sumi Fleming

web developer, (American) football nut, Ozzy's mom (Orlando, FL) Master of WordPress and web development. Your go-to resource for a friendly answer or help with just about anything. Ext. 702


Phil Newton

developer, wordpress guru, Rhubarb's dad (Raleigh, NC)

Expert web application developer in all disciplines and connoisseur of the best in British chocolates. Ask him about Rhubarb.

Ext. 703


Monica Salazar

project manager, whip cracker, lover of the eclectic (Del Rio, TX)

Project manager, one of the nicest and hardest working individuals you can ever hope to encounter.

Ext. 701


Carly Baskette

bookkeeper, invoice chaser (Chattanooga, TN)

Keeps all of the financials for Sononaco in check and constantly rides Keith for getting out invoices on time.

Ext. 704


Abbey & Everett

worthless (Winston-Salem) Consumers of treats of all varieties, chasers of toy squirrels and destroyers of anything that squeaks. Two modes: asleep and eating.