Working with Us

As a small company that offers both web application as well as hosting and server management we fill a niche others do not, whereas they are either one or the other. Since we build web applications and know them well we are better positioned to host these applications. This is where the line gets blurry between being a development shop and a hosting company. Here we hope to help understand how we charge for our services.

What am I billed for?

If we quoted you a price in an agreement we will perform the deliverables outlined in that contract for the price indicated. Any out-of-scope items will either be billed separately or may be deducted from the agreed upon amount. Our agreements typically contain a 30-day grace period to address bugs or problems found after a project is made live. Outside of this 30-day window we invoice for any work performed at our hourly rate.


Web hosting:
Invoiced monthly, based on need (CPUs, RAM, Hard drive space, backups space). We do not bill for bandwidth nor visitors.

What is covered:

Web server hosting hardware (CPUs, RAM, hard drive, networking/internet connectivity), initial software installation and setup, CMS installation and setup and basic backups, basic server monitoring (uptime only)

What is not covered/what we bill you for:

  • Software updates and patches
  • Server software updates and patches
  • Malware removal
  • Immediate rollback of something someone accidentally deleted (it takes time to retrieve it from backups)
  • Coordination with 3rd party vendors regarding support issues

Why is it not covered?
Some clients prefer to update the software on their own. We offer a monthly maintenance and management package - "WMD Shield" - which covers server software updates, advanced backups, and CMS (WordPress/Drupal) updates and malware removal. We cannot be responsible for others' actions when managing files on a server.

E-Mail accounts:
Invoiced monthly, based on the maximum number of accounts used and account quotas within each calendar month. If you are using 5 accounts and brought in someone for 2 weeks you will be billed for that license used during those 2 weeks.

What is covered:

  • E-mail account hosting with a fixed quota
  • E-mail server software updates
  • E-mail server security updates
  • Basic spam & virus monitoring and phishing filter
  • Nightly backups

What is not covered:

  • Individual message recovery
  • Advanced spam filtering
  • Quota increases

How can I get that?
We have partnered with Securence, who offers e-mail shadowing (they keep a copy of everything you receive) and advanced spam filtering. For quota increases the cost is based on your service plan.

Why is it not covered?
Unlike other email providers offering an unlimited quota we do not read your email and try to sell you stuff. We also will not delete your e-mail account for an unexplained reason or an arcane excuse like, "you violated our Terms of Service". Free comes with a price.


If we purchase something on your behalf we will invoice you for the expense.

Managed WordPress (WMD Shield, formerly SononaCare): Please see our page about WMD Shield to learn more about our managed WordPress services. Plans are billed monthly.

Services We Use

All of our projects are managed through our online portal, Teamwork. Project management, file sharing and group collaboration are centralized in Teamwork.

Time spent working on and expenses related to your project are tracked through Harvest. Our staff uses the Harvest app for desktop and mobile to enter the time working on your project, project notes and to record expenses such as domain name registration and software purchases. Invoices are generated directly from Harvest and emailed to our clients each month.

We use Stripe to process all of our online payments and recurring hosting payments. We have recently converted a few clients' sites to Stripe and have it integrated with our online payment forms. Stripe is easy to implement and costs less than

Our go-to for domain registration and SSL purchases is NameCheap. We chose NameCheap over other providers for several reasons but the top being that they are first in the web business, not in the sales business. They do not try to up-sell you on stuff you do not need. They also offer other advantages over other registrars:

GoDaddy: The worst offender when it comes to up-selling. GoDaddy is cheap because they are all about bulk. They also have a history of nabbing a domain name you may search for to see if it is available and then attempting to sell it to you later for a much higher price.

Network Solutions: Just because they are one of the oldest doesn't mean they are the best. Network Solutions' domain name and SSL prices are typical 3-4 times higher than NameCheap. They also charge a premium for basic services provided free by other registrars such as web forwarding (sending one domain to another) for $12 per month. Their DNS management is antiquated and can take up to 3 days to take effect. By comparison Sononaco's custom DNS changes show up in around 15 minutes. We have had instances where it has take a month to have single DNS record changed which required intervention by Network Solutions support staff. Just no. Network Solutions bought it and forgot about it.