Web Applications

One-size-fits-all works great for socks and hats. But as web technologies evolve it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find off-the-shelf software solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs. So if you can dream it, we can build it.


We love Symfony. It helps us build great applications without having to build everything from the ground up. And it's secure, actively maintained and has a very vibrant and active developer community.


We can build a plugin to do pretty much anything within WordPress. Depending on your needs, WordPress can provide a solid framework for any web application.

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Since Drupal moved to the Symfony framework we have been excited for this change. Coupling the power of Drupal with the security and features of Symfony is a dream!

Of course everyone loves examples. Here are a few custom web applications we have developed.

BOAF Interpretations

The Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF) is the leading state building officials group. The interpretations application allows members to submit questions regarding building codes. BOAF committee members then submit their interpretation of the building code specific to the question which is then published publicly.

Built with: Symfony 3, Bootstrap 3, jQuery

Create Draft Interpretations


The Association of Public Safety and Communications Officers Public Safety Communications Awards Program (see why we abbreviated the title?) recognizes individuals and teams worldwide for their efforts supporting public safety officers, such as 9-1-1 call centers. The PSAP awards system solicits nominations and provides a scoring system so committee members can easily score nominations and manually rank them in the event of a tie.

Built with: Symfony 2, Bootstrap 3, jQuery


APCO Scholarship

APCO liked the PSAP awards application so much they asked us to build them another Symfony application to handle scholarship applications and reviews! So we did. As with the PSAP awards, the Scholarship app is re-used each year with only minimal configuration changes.

Built with: Symfony 2, Bootstrap 3, jQuery

APCO Scholarship Application

Earth Treks Climbing Centers

Earth Treks came to us with a problem: their site was outdated and it was running on Joomla! so everybody hated managing the site. Plus it stuck on Joomla! 1.5 where upgrading would entail as much time as rebuilding the site.

So we rebuilt the site on a WordPress Multisite installation to accommodate independent markets. We also built out several unique plugins for the site such as the calendar, class registration with transaction-based database management, party booking and an online gift card system.

Built with: WordPress, Bootstrap 3, jQuery

(FWIW, we hate that Joomla! is named Joomla! with the exclamation mark at the end. But that's it's official name so there.)

Climbing/Classes Calendar