Client: Building Officials Association of Florida Projects: Interpretations Application (Symfony3 Application) Server management

Wave Motion Digital overhauled the organization's Interpretations system. The Interpretations system allows builders in Florida to pose questions to association members regarding they way Florida building codes should be interpreted. After receiving an interpretation an administrator reviews it and enter their thoughts on the question. They then distribute a draft of the response to association members who weigh in their opinions on the matter. Once an interpretation is published a PDF is generated and the interpretation is added to the publicly searchable front-end system. The Interpretations system uses BOAF's YourMembership CRM software to authenticate users into the system and Symfony3's Guard authentication routine to manage local security. Originally built as a custom Perl-based application, the previous designer abandoned the project. The approach to the application was to store most of its data in flat files (text and PDF) which presented a challenge for searching through several thousands of interpretations. Access to the Interpretations system is limited to BOAF members only.