Scary Mommy

Client: SomeSpider LLC

Site: Scary Mommy

Role: Site design, responsiveness, migration, hosting and care & feeding

Platform: WordPress, hosting cluster

Scary Mommy is one of the most popular parenting sites on the web. And we are proud to be part of their history.

Started by Jill Smokler as a parenting blog with a dash of snark the site’s popularity grew. When it was hosted elsewhere it was on a locked-down hosting environment that charged over $1500 per month for bandwidth alone. We took it over and put it on our unlimited bandwidth servers on a virtual private server and eventually moved it to a cluster.

After some growing pains testing a CMS that was ill-equipped to handle the demands of such a popular site, the new owners of Scary Mommy returned to us asking if we could host it on a robust platform.

Scary Mommy ran as a single WordPress installation on a 10-server cluster consisting of 2 load balancers, 6 web servers and 2 database servers, all for less than the $1500 serving millions of hits per day.