Spam & Virus Filtering, Quarantine & Mail Shadowing

Fighting spam can feel like an unending battle. And spam, hacking and phishing techniques are constantly evolving. 
We have partnered with Securence to deliver iron-clad e-mail filtering. Securence is a service that intelligently filters email with a hands-on staff that individually evaluates false positives and analyzes to e-mails that may have slipped through their filters.
Securence also goes beyond by incorporating the most effective analytical, statistical and rule-based techniques. Their team of email filtering specialists maintain a constant vigil over email traffic globally and identifies new developments in spamming and virus infiltration. Sophisticated spam signatures and counter-measures are then developed and integrated into our filtering solutions daily. But it’s not only spam filtering. Securence offers these features:
Quarantine – Instead of vanishing into the ether Securence quarantines questionable emails so you can see what is being held up, whitelist the sender/domain or report it as a false positive.
E-Mail Shadowing – need an instant backup of your e-mail? Accidentally delete something with no way to recover it? E-Mail shadowing keeps a copy of all of your emails and retrieval takes just a few seconds. Detailed
Mail Logs – Obsessively see everything about your e-mail delivery. This can come in very handy if an expected email does not arrive or if it contains a questionable attachment.
Here’s proof – we use it! Have a look at the breakdown of the email received at for April 2016:

Ok, so how much does it cost?

Nobody likes this answer: it depends. Pricing is based on a per-account license and goes down with the more accounts you have. For example, up to 10 accounts are $10 each per month. 11-20 accounts are $7 per month (these are examples, not actual prices). Please contact us for pricing information.