Wave Motion Digital Page Builder

Build stunning pages quickly and easily with our simple-to-use drag-and-drop page editor.

The most popular visual editor for WordPress is Visual Composer. Why is that? Because it has been bundled for free with every theme on Themeforest. Spend any time with Visual Composer and you will soon find out that it is slow, bloated and greatly slows down your site.

We thought there is a better alternative: WMD Page Builder We built this entire site using it! Have a look:


What can you do with the Sononaco Page Builder?

Custom columns

1-6 columns, left or right sidebar layouts

Audio & Video

Easily embed audio and video players

Quite a bit, actually. Each option is self-contained and can be simply dragged and dropped right into your page.


Simple accordions to show limited content

Call to action

An attractive header, some text below and a button can be easily added.

Easy Parallax

Select the background image, and add your text.

Easy Contact Forms

Please enter your name.
Please enter a message.

Easily add a timer to count down to a particular date.


Or a map!


Number, circle and bar counters!


Built-In Templates

Built-in landing and content pages can get you started quick or give you some inspiration!

Landing Templates

There's a lot more!

  • Content Slider
  • Gallery
  • Icons
  • Icon Groups
  • Site posts
  • Posts Carousel
  • Posts Slider
  • Slideshow
  • Raw HTML
  • Pricing Table
  • Slideshow
  • Social Buttons
  • Subscribe Form
  • Tabs
  • Testimonials

WordPress Widgets

  • Archives
  • Calendar
  • Gravity Form
  • Pages
  • Recent Posts/Comments
  • Search
  • Raw Text

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WMD Page Builder is a suite of plugins and a WordPress child theme. It is not a drop-in solution.